resort training during the divemaster courseHere at Go Pro we have always prided ourselves on training our pro divers to real world levels. As in, Once you complete your Divemaster or PADI instructor program, it is not just the course that you walk away with. It is a true life experience, and additional skills that will help you set out on your scuba career path. We want every graduate of Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica to be successful in their careers and it is because of that, we have always offered as complete a program as possible.

To step up our course offerings and to set you out above your fellow candidates we have now developed a unique certification at our dive center. This certification is the Resort operations specialist program. This has been designed specifically to give you the additional skills and experience needed to work in the scuba diving industry.

So what is included in the program?

The program can be taught over 6 days, or if enrolled on a pro program , for example the Divemaster program or internship, it will be taught in sections throughout the duration of your program.

The following modules are included;

Fill station operations – Includes a look at how fill stations should be run as well as safe handling and filling of tanks.

Basic equipment maintenance – A look beyond your day to day quick fixes, going more in depth to scuba equipment maintenance

Boat handling skills – How do you operate a dive boat? What things do you need to take into account along whether diving from one, or operating it yourself.

Coral Reef Ecology – The coral reef is one of our most fragile and important ecosystems. As a scuba professional you will be leading tours on and around the reef so it is important to understand its biology and how to conserve it.

Dive Resort front office operations – Many of the operations of the dive shop take place in the front office. Whether it is meeting and greeting, signing in clients, paperwork or sales. All of these are important to know and understand as part of the daily routine in the dive industry

Dive resort marketing – How to brand and market yourself and the shop you work for in todays market, How to understand your market and reach them using different avenues including online and social.

Remote Dive Accident management – As a scuba diving professional you may be in charge of operating a dive boat in a remote location. You need to be prepared in case of any unforeseen accidents and this module covers those scenarios and how to prepare for them.

Each of these modules is followed by practical workshops both diving, boat handling, equipment fixing and more to give you as much experience and practice as possible.

This program has been added into a course catalog and is available for anyone looking to get ahead in the dive industry. It can also be combined with our other pro level courses including;

Gas Blender

CTS Visual inspection certification.

Expand your dive pro resources and find out more about our new program today!