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PADI IDC Resources

Here at Go Pro Costa Rica we know that completing a PADI IDC can be a stressful, long but exciting program no matter where you are. We are always looking for ways to help dive professionals around the world so for that reason, we have put together some extra resources for your right here. They are available for download and viewing, so help yourself. And if you think of anything else that might help you with your PADI IDC then just let us know!

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Useful Digital Handouts

PADI IDC training

Here are some handouts to help with Knowledge development presentations and in water presentations. They include a list of potential problems for the continuing education courses and a more in depth lesson plan form for you to use.

As part of your PADI IDC you look at the organization of the Open water program. The program is very flexible and there are some different options to teach. To make it easier for you to get yoru head around it here is a diagram of your options.


Open Water Course Organization Options

Some FAQS about the PADI IDC

When know that even before you start your PADI IDC you have a lot of questions about the program. These are some Blog posts covering some of the more frequently asked ones. We hope you get your answers here. If you have anymore please let us know.

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How long does the PADI IDC take?

How long does the PADI IDC take?

, sTHE PADI IDC course or scuba instructor course an intense, yet fun learning program. But how long should you set aside for it? First let's address the build up to it. To enroll in a PADI IDC you need to have been a scuba diver for at least 6 months and hold the...

What does PADI IDC stand for?

What does PADI IDC stand for?

The PADI scuba instructor course is referred to as the the PADI IDC. But what does the PADI IDC stand for? Here is a quick run down of what it means and why. So the PADI IDC stands for Instructor development course. Why a development course? Because over the...

How much does the PADI IDC cost?

How much does the PADI IDC cost?

How much does the PADI IDC cost?The new season is fast approaching, and we are all planning ahead.  With the world the way it is, many of us want to leave our lives behind and getting out to explore. Now is the time. Becoming a scuba instructor and being able to...

The PADI IDC – 6 Things you should know before starting

The PADI IDC – 6 Things you should know before starting

The countdown is on. Only three weeks to go until the start of the next PADI IDC program here in Costa Rica. I have some great Divemaster students that are finishing up and will be preparing over the next week or so for the big event. For those of you that don't know,...

What Dive Specialties are the best to teach?

What Dive Specialties are the best to teach?

Okay, so I see this question get posted quite a lot on social media forums. The answers can be very interesting as we all know there are A LOT of options if you are looking at exploring different activities underwater. So, where do you begin. There are the haters out...

Some Helpful videos about the PADI IDC

The PADI IDC involves a lot of different skills. Some you will need to practice to make sure you are confident and happy with them. Here are some of of videos, breaking down different skills you have to know for both the Divemaster and IDC programs.

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