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Start working towards your technical diving goals whilst completing your Divemaster.

At Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica, we are the only dive center offering Technical diving in Costa Rica. We thought we would introduce this amazing diving to others that are interested, and with that we developed the Tec Divemaster program. We also offer a number of Technical dive courses here through both DSAT and TDI. 

Why the Tec Divemaster?

  • A unique Technical support diver certification, only available at this dive center
  • The opportunity to about equipment fixing and maintenance during your divemaster program
  • The chance to start working towards you technical dive goals.

 This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to complete their Divemaster with more of a focus on tec diving.

tec divemaster diving costa rica

Tec Diving in Costa Rica

What does the Tec Divemaster include?

Standard Divemaster Program

All of the same training as the standard Divemaster program minus the specialties

Technical Support diver certification

A unique certification that focuses on how to support a technical dive team.

Equipment workshops

Learn about different equipment configurations

Discover Tec Certification

Delve into the techncial diving world with your first Tec training dive as part of the discover tec diving program

Maintenance workshops

Learn about equipment fixes and servicing to look after scuba equipment.

Advanced dive techniques workshops

Looking at finning techniques, equipment handling in the water and safety techniques

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