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Marine Conservation Programs and internships

Want to take your scuba diving into the world of Marine conservation or Biology?

We are partnered with a Marine Conservation non-profit here in Costa rica that allows us to offer training and certifications in a number of unique areas. Whether it is incorporated into your professional dive training or you want to take some additional programs to expand your biology and ecology knowledge let us help you make a difference.

Marine Conservation and Research

Our flagship marine conservation program. This certification can be completed as a stand alone certification or as part of your ECO divemaster internship. It can also be completed with a marine conservation internship.

The purpose of the PADI Marine Conservation Research Diver Specialty Course is to teach certified divers about conservation biology and conserving the underwater world. In addition to that, it covers how to undertake scientific surveys and studies and produce a report from your findings. It gives you a good overview of the ecology of the reef and all that it holds.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to conduct and set up their own surveys and studies, recording and analyzing their results.  A great way to get started or to complement your venture into the scientific and conservation field and the underwater world.

Coral Restoration Project

Our Oceans are in peril and we are all trying to do our bit. In collaboration with the non-profit Marine Conservation Costa Rica we have been been working with a new coral restoration program. The only one of its kind in Costa Rica. A new coral nursery has been established in Manuel Antonio National Park and you can help us with it. To be able to work with this unique program, first you would be certified in Coral Rescue techniques. You would then assist in data collection and cleaning of the corals throughout the nursery. We measure their growth, and once a suitable habitat is selected, we replant them back onto the reef.

With a minimum of an advanced open water certification you can join us on this special project.

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Marine Conservation Internships

If you are looking for something different and don’t want to pursue a professional scuba diving career, then we offer marine conservation internships that can be customized to you.
You can complete either a 2 week or 4 week program where first, you will complete the marine conservation and research certification. After that, you can will complete a number of surveys on the reef, either Fish surveys, coral surveys or a program of you choice You will also complete some of our distinctive specialties depending on where your interests are. Please find more information on our internships here.

Marine conservation courses

Marine conservation Courses

We also offer a number of distinctive courses focusing on different aspects of the reef. These include Nudibranch awareness, Octopus Ecology, Sponge Ecology, and Shark Conservation. Also during whale season we offer a specialized Humpback Whale conservation program. Each of these courses can be taught independently or as a package. More information can be found on our non-profit website here.

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