Cylinder training services costa ricaAt Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro we have once again looked at re-evaluating and expanding our professional programs for the 2016/2017 season.
Working in the dive industry is a tough business and one of the things I have always tried to do with the programs here is make sure that all of our graduates, are armed, as much as possible with all the skills and practice that they need to be able to move on and up in the industry. With the introduction of the Tank visual inspection certification, through cylinder training services here at Oceans Unlimited last year, we have decided to incorporate it as standard throughout all of our Divemaster programs here at the center.

What does that mean for the program though? It means, that not only do we offer equipment training as standard during the Divemaster internship, you will also walk away with a Visual inspection certification, meaning you can visually inspect tanks and certify them in centers throughout the world. This conforms to US standards and is an invaluable thing to have.

The Divemaster program here in Costa Rica  at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro is one of the most complete programs that you will find anywhere in the world. As well as the standard Divemaster certification, you receive training in 2 specialties, self reliant diving, equipment servicing and visual inspection certification. And to top it off with our marine conservation courses we run throughout the year your PADI Divemaster course will be packed to the brim with valuable, interesting and fun things to do.

If you are looking to Go Pro then contact us today and take that step!