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Why choose Go Pro Costa Rica ?

The decision to Go Pro is a big one. And we know that there are a lot of choices out there when you are looking at your PADI professional training. Because of that, we believe in offering more than just training. As a career development center, we want to help you to take the best step you can into a successful career as a scuba dive professional.

During your time here in Costa Rica you will have the opportunity to explore many avenues of scuba diving that we have to offer. This includes the largest selection of continuing education courses and specialty instructor programs. You can learn all about Marine Conservation and work with our partner non-profit. You can explore deeper with Technical diving and beyond. We offer you a life-changing experience that will prepare you to live your dream and become a true scuba diving professional.

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A Career development center

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A PADI Career development center is recognized as the top tier of scuba training centers. Beyond the level of the Open water scuba instructor course, we offer one of the greatest selections of Continuing education courses in Central America. This includes unique marine conservation courses and equipment management programs.

We also give you the opportunity to learn from our seasoned instructors after you have completed your IDC. You can join one of our internships and gain experience in team teaching and organizing courses.

With the comprehensive programs and packages offered here, we are confident that when you are ready, you will leave us prepared to fulfill your new, exciting role as a scuba diving professional.

Technical Dive Center

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Go Pro Costa Rica alongside Oceans Unlimted in Quepos, is the only technical dive center in Costa Rica. We offer a full range of training from Tec experience and Tec 40 through to Tec Deep.

In addition we offer TDI courses including Advanced Nitrox, Decompression procedures and Extended Range.

If you want to take your technical diving to the next level, we offer Technical instructor programs including Tec Deep instructor.

Marine Conservation Center

Go Pro Costa Rica works alongside the non-profit Marine Conservation Costa Rica. As part of their work, all of our ECO Divemaster candidates get the opportunity to work and assist with their coral restoration and environmental education programs. We run the only dedicated ECO Divemaster program in Central America, with a unique marine research certification run by our Marine Biologist staff.

Everything thing that we do, and teach is essential in helping to conserve our oceans. Because of this, we integrate much of their important work into the professional programs that we run here. You are an ambassador to the ocean.

In addition, all of our Divemaster trainees and Instructor candidates will receive conservation modules as part of their courses whilst here. An essential part of your career path as an ocean ambassador.

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Resort operations and career training

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resort operations

When you become a scuba professional you will discover that there is a lot more to it. Teaching scuba courses is a very important part of your work, but not the only thing. There are lots of valuable skills that will help you in your career, and here at Go Pro, we want to ensure that you have a comprehensive, well-rounded scuba education to assist you with this. 

Courses we have available include Tank inspection certifications, Dive equipment management, and Dive Resort operations.

We offer many other training workshops, covering different skills and lessons. Whether looking to manage a dive shop or build your own from the ground up, contact us today to help you build your scuba career.

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