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Make a Difference during your Divemaster training

Here at Go Pro Costa Rica we are dedicated to conserving our oceans. We train all of our divers to be ambassadors to the ocean. As part of this our dedicated ECO divemaster program, the only one of its kind, we are partnered with  the non-profit Marine Conservation Costa Rica. With them we incorporate a number of unique opportunities into our Divemaster training.

Why the Eco Divemaster?

  • A unique Marine conservation and research course. A certification only available at this facility.
  • The opportunity to work on our local coral rehabilitation project during your time here.*
  • The chance to complete actual scientific surveys with the non-profit and other educational bodies.

 This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to complete their Divemaster with a larger focus on Marine Conservation.

  • *please note that to work on the coral restoration project we ask for a donation to the non-profit.

Coral restoration Project

What does the ECO Divemaster include?

Standard Divemaster Program

All of the same training as the standard Divemaster program minus the specialties

Marine Conservation and Research Certification

A unique certification that focuses on Ecology and conservation of the coral reef

Monthly underwater cleanups

Every month we head out to one of our local dive sites and clean it up.

REEF Fish ID training

We offer training in Fish ID which allows you to complete surveys for the citizen science database

Coral watch training and dives

Help gather data for the citizen science international project on coral reef health

Regular marine conservation workshops

We offer the chance to take part in community and local projects

Marine conservation certifications

Opportunities to complete additional unique marine conservation certifications including nudibranch awareness and sponge ecology.

Introduction to our Coral Nursery

An instroduction to our Coral nursery project

Chance to complete your own project

If you would like to start your own marine conservation initiatives, we can help you start.

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