How long does the PADI IDC take?

, sTHE PADI IDC course or scuba instructor course an intense, yet fun learning program. But how long should you set aside for it?

First let’s address the build up to it. To enroll in a PADI IDC you need to have been a scuba diver for at least 6 months and hold the Divemaster or equivalent rating.  I would recommend spending as much time in the water before enrolling. Time is not so much a factor as inwater experience. For example, a diver only certified for 6 months that has 5 times a week will have more experience than someone that has been certified for 4 years but only dives twice or three times a year.

We have our experience, so and the course begins.  There is a minimum time  for the course which is 7 days but the majority of courses run for at least 10 days. During that time you are looking at full days, 8am through to 4pm time.  So plan for yourself a 2 week period to give your self days either side. If there is an IDC prep course included you may want to add additional time. 


Once your PADI IDC is over, you will need to complete the PADI IE. 

The majority of courses are scheduled around the PADI Exam so they are likely to conclude a day or two before the IE begins. Once is does begin, the IE is a two day program full days.

Last point to consider is the MSDT prep which may or may not be included at the end. That is a week or specialty instructor courses to gain more experience. 

So in conclusion, how long does a PADI IDC last?

You are looking at the following;


  • Optional IDC prep – 2-3 days

  • PADI IDC course – 8 -12 days

  • PADI IE (exam) – 2 days

  • Optional MSDT prep program – 5-6 days.