What does PADI IDC stand for?

The PADI scuba instructor course is referred to as the the PADI IDC. But what does the PADI IDC stand for? Here is a quick run down of what it means and why.

So the PADI IDC stands for Instructor development course. Why a development course? Because over the approximately 2 weeks that the course runs, you are developeing your skills as an instructor.

Before the PADI IDC you have to complete either your PADI Divemaster or equivalent certification. This is the course that will develop your skills as a professional diver. How to navigate, good buoyancy, dive theory and control technique to name a few. This is why you will want to spend plenty of time on that program.

When you start the instructor development program you should have those skills in place. The object of the PADI IDC is to teach you how to teach. How do you break down the different programs safely and in control and teach them to other people.

The PADI IDC or Instructor development course is to develop your teaching skills.

PADI IDC course
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What skills are developed during the PADI IDC?

The Instructor development course lasts at least a week, up to 2 ½ weeks long if the days are taught consecutively. During this time your will develop your supervising and control skills. Also, develop and polish your inwater demonstrations that you learnt in your Divemaster program.

In addition you will work on and increase your dive theory knowledge covering equipment, physics and physiology as well as the Dive planner.

One of the main focuses is working on your presentations. Whether in the classroom, confined water or the ocean you will be developing your ability to teach.

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So, in conclusion, the PADI IDC stands for PADI Instructor development course. And the reason for this is you are developing your profesisonal teaching skills an dive skills that you should have in place from your PADI Divemaster course. This will give you a better idea of what level and standard you need to be, coming into the program.