Want to change your life? Want to work underwater? Then come and join our next PADI IDC in June.

PADI IDC in JuneStarting June 10th we have our PADI Instructor course (PADI IDC) running here in Costa Rica. The program includes the first aid instructor program as well as the scuba instructor program and specialty instructor course. The PADI IDC in June is a 2 1/2 week program including the instructor exam and the MSDT prep.

The PADI Instructor program is a program designed to allow you to teach scuba diving around the world. To qualify to take part you need to have your PADI Divemaster certification as well as a valid medical stating you are “fit for diving” Once you have that you can enroll. The course covers all aspects of scuba training and looks at how to break down and teach all of the different courses. It also covers the business of scuba diving including marketing and risk management.  You will learn how to teach in the classroom, confined water environment and the ocean. You will be able to break down skills and problems and assist you students with overcoming any obstacles they face, and taking them into the underwater world.

What can I do as a scuba instructor?

After the PADI IDC in June, once you are certified as a scuba diving instructor, you can then teach around the world, sharing your passion for the ocean with others. It is a great way to work your way around the world. More importantly it cements your place as an ambassador for the ocean. Our ocean is an amazing environment, as is our planet. By protecting is and educating others about its importance, you are contributing to its protection in the future.

During the PADI IDC in June we will be running the marine conservation and research instructor program as well so that you will be able to teach our future students, even more about the underwater environment. This is a unique program that was designed here in Costa Rica and was developed as a scientific diver program. It allows the diver to explore the ocean but also contribute through studies and dives to citizen science projects.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to change your life and embark on your PADI scuba instructor career.

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