Marine Conservation Instructor

Here at Go Pro Costa Rica we have a great passion for conserving our amazing ocean planet. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through education. We have developed a number of  marine conservation programs and at Go Pro Costa Rica can train you, the scuba instructor to teach them. We have developed our own series of specialty instructor programs and are the only place in the world to offer these certifications

By teaching these programs to your future scuba candidates you will be able to educate them about the importance of conserving our planet, as well as instill your passion in them. We have a number of programs available which can be packaged into our Marine Conservation Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep or taught as stand alone programs. Check out our list below and see which courses interest you.

Marine Conservation & Research Instructor

Teach your students how to become scientific divers with this certification. Looking at basic reef and fish ecology as well as scientific survey techniques.

marine conservation instructor training

Humpback Whale Conservation Instructor

Learn all about whale behavior and physiology. Show your students how to take part in whale surveys and what they can do to help conserve and monitor these majestic mammals.

humpback whale conservation instructor

Nudibranch Awareness Instructor

Nudibranchs are fascinating creatures of the ocean. Learn about their behaviors and physiology and take your students on a macro dive, exploring the small wonders of the reef.

nudibranch awareness instructor

Sponge Ecology Instructor

Sponges form an integral part of the ocean reef. With this program you will be able to teach your students all about their ecology and how important they are to the ocean ecosystem. Exploring the reef and looking at their habitat.

sponge ecology instructor

Dive for Debris Instructor

Debris in our oceans is a huge problem. Teach your students to make a difference with this fun specialty, learning how to effectively help clean the ocean and take part in citizen science data recording.

humpback whale conservation instructor

AWARE Shark Instructor

Sharks are magnificent creatures that are sadly misunderstood. With this program you can educate your students on their importance to the ocean ecosystem and what they can do to help understand them, and conserve them.

AWARE shark instructor