Only 5 days to go…tick, tock the clock is ticking! With our enthusiastic, slightly nervous PADI IDC candidates getting geared up for the program, it is an exciting time. But, as the days are counting down, what do you need to think about? What do you need to expect? Time to think about your PADI IDC prep.

Squirming stomachs..

For many people the PADI IDC is the focus point of their new scuba diving career. It is the point where the esteemed PADI staff members will come swooping down from on high. They will then evaluate little old you and your scuba skills. Nerve wracking huh? It is actually. No matter how overconfident some of your classmates may seem, trust me, they are all squirming a bit inside. So what is the best way to deal with this? Your PADI IDC prep.

Before you start..your PADI IDC prep

studying for a PADI IDCBefore you even begin your program, review your materials. Blow the dust off of your PADI Instructor manual and look at those slates. Take the plastic (grrrrrr!) off of your new PADI IDC crewpack and all the wonders that it brings. Don’t panic that you don’t know every standard backwards, it’s not about knowing them it’s about knowing where to find them. And during your PADI IDC you will have plenty of practice looking them up.

Dive theory

Again, don’t panic, no matter how much you hate physics. Part of your PADI IDC prep is to work your way through the diving knowledge workbook and complete your chapters on the theory. If you come up with anything you don’t understand, then mark it and move on. Don’t spend hours squirming over it. Everything is explained in the book but with there will inevitably be something you can’t get your head around. Go to your instructors and ask, or your fellow candidates. They may have any easier way of explaining it.

If you can, get your dive theory completed before your first day. There will be less to worry about. And remember, the j and k valves are NOT named because of their shape!!

Skill practice

Get in the pool (or confined water) with the scuba gear you will be using.  Run a skill circuit. A lot of the PADI IDC centers will have an IDC prep program when you get the chance to do this anyway. There is nothing worse than leaping into confined and having your perfect hover, all over the place because your weighting is off. (not that it should make too much of a difference!).

Get comfortable in the confined environment that you will be in as it will be one less thing to worry about.

Go Explore and Relax

The most important thing. Finally, before you start knuckling down into the classroom, studying for your PADI IDC….relax. Go dive for fun, no clients, just fun. Go check out the local reef or quarry. Blow some bubbles with friends and just relax underwater. Remember why you are doing this, because being underwater is incredible. You want to share that pattern and you are doing this program for that very reason. Relax have fun and enjoy it all. Trust me, you will never forget it.

The PADI IDC begins

new PADI scuba instructorsOnce it actually begins you will go through a rollercoaster of emotions. It starts super high and nervous at the beginning. Swings down into a lull as you get used to what you are doing and then climbs back up to stress and nervousness again.  Juts stay focused and know that you can do it. Talk to your instructors and ask for advice. Remember that there is never one way of doing something and not everything works for everyone. Enjoy it my budding PADI pros and good luck!