After some hard work annew PADI scuba instructorsd funtastic diving we can welcome 6 new PADI Instructors to the world! The program started back in the middle of November. We had 10 days of PADI IDC, 2 days of EFR Instructor and then some MSDT training to top it off. Wow, that was pretty intense but everyone did a fantastic job and can now head out into the scuba world. They can start teaching other people how to scuba dive. For new scuba instructors it can be a very daunting thing. It is always a passion to scuba dive, but now, there is the additional responsibility of passing this to others. Showing other people how amazing the underwater world is, how important it is to preserve it and respect it.

What to do next?

Their ratings are approved after about 10 days. Before that they will have the chance to get their feet wet and practice their teaching skills alongside our seasoned instructors. It’s always good to get guidance when you are starting out on something new as you can ask questions, get pointers and have someone nearby to seek advice from. That’s why we like to run internships. After the program, our new scuba instructors who want to get experience after their PADI IE ┬ácan join in on this. Get your fins wet as a new scuba instructor and gain some confidence with your teaching.


Thank you all!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone that was involved in the program. I hope you had as much fun as we did!! Now onwards to our current crazy batch of Divemasters…who’s ready to go pro?!!