Here in Costa Rica, dive season is in full swing. We have an awesome group of scuba instructors teaching from a wide variety of backgrounds. We thought we’d introduce you to some of them over the next month or so and we are starting with Justin!

justin scuba instructor costa rica

Where are you from originally?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

What brought you to Costa Rica?

Originally on a Gap year program, it was the thought of traveling, surfing and being around nature.

How did you feel the first time you scuba dived?

I felt like an astronaut with all kinds of unfamiliar gear, in a foreign land where people can’t live normally!

Why did you decide to Go Pro?

I wanted to teach people one of the my things in the world. I wanted to share my love for the ocean and open other people eyes to the unexplored world below the waters surface. Being underwater gives you time to think in peace.

What has been your most memorable moment when scuba diving?

One dive I had a huge green sea turtle swim up to me, face to face. It was in mid water and it looked me straight in the eyes.

Sum up your teaching style in three words

Just have fun

scuba instructor underwater

What do you enjoy about being a pro the most?

I enjoy being that person that new divers look up to. Answering questions based on my experience and watching others learn from me and grow.