Summer Conservation fun

Summer time is here and for us here in Costa Rica it’s diving as usual. Adding some inspiration to our summer conservation fun plans, we decided to organize some activities for everyone. These are activities that can be enjoyed by both divers and non-divers alike.

July 7th – Shore clean-up & Dive for Debris

We are tackling our first conservation fun activity of the month with a shore clean plastic pollutionup for the non-divers and a dive for debris for the divers. Heading out into our local bay of Nahomi next to the marina we will be cleaning up all morning. Plastics especially are a nasty problem and take 100s of year to degrade. By removing them we are ensuring that they don’t get into the food chain of some of our local wildlife, both in and around the Bay.

July 21st – Womens Dive Day – REEF and Coral Watch survey

In celebration of Womens Dive Day 2018 we are taking part in some different activities. These include a REEF fish survey and Coral Watch Survey on the morning of the 21st. Any women divers, even if you haven’t been in the water for a while should come and jump in with us. Help us spot those fish around the local reef and make a difference with our citizen science projects.

Whale days

From the end of July and through August we will be running some whale days.

humpback whale

This is aimed at people of all ages who want to learn some more about whales. Costa Rica has one of the longest humpback whale seasons in the world. The southern whale populations start visiting us from end of July until November time so if you are out and about with us on the dive boat. Your chances of seeing them are pretty high! In addition to our standard whale boat tours we will be running different whale days were first, you will learn about the humpback whale. It’s behavior, threats and conservation. After that you will head out on the boat to see if you can spot any of them and then record the sighting data for a research program here in Costa Rica. Yes, what you do actually makes a difference! How much fun is that!

What can you do?

You can come and join us for any of these activities throughout the summer. You can participate in any of the programs plus our usual fun diving and courses.

All of our pro students enrolled in the eco Divemaster program and marine conservation IDC courses will be running and assisting with these programs. It’s an integral part of the curriculum to be able to educate about conservation, teach to conserve. If you want to get more involved then contact us today and see what you can do to help.