divemaster in costa ricaHave you made your resolutions for 2017 yet? Have they already failed? I hope not! Here’s something positive for you, with the ECO Divemaster program. Not only do you train to become a dive professional but you are working on conserving the marine environment. How awesome is that!

The Eco Divemaster program was designed with the budding conservationist in mind, fun packed with lots of activities, as well as the usual Divemaster program. These include coral watch dives, REEF fish id dives, underwater cleanups, educational programs and more. You will learn about sharks, rays, the coral reef ecology and so much more.

Plus, don’t forget it also has all of the action packed awesomeness of the standard Divemaster program. So that is full resort training, VIP certification, Deep diving, search and recovery workshops and more. You can really learn how to become a Divemaster in the real world here, not just on paper, that is what really matters. So, with your new years motivation going, what are you waiting for? Lets get going!