divemaster in costa ricaThank you so much Oceans Unlimited for taking me under your wing, looking after me, and giving me the best summer of my life! I had so much fun learning, training and guiding. This summer I gained an incredible about of experience and knowledge about diving that I will take with me to begin my career as a divemaster!

Every trip was a joy for me, although a lot of work some days there’s nothing else I would rather be doing, than being out with the crew and guests diving!

Every person at Oceans Unlimited is very professional and has an immense amount of diving experience. I learned something new everyday just by talking with Captain Bob, JT, or Georgia. I learned things I had never thought of before and am very thankful for their pactience in sharing their expertise with me, so I do not make the same mistake they did.

The only issue I experienced was trying to figure out how to stay longer! Although 9 weeks in a different country may seem like a long time for some people, it was not enough for me. Can’t wait to come back, hopefully it won’t be too long!
Thanks again for everything!
-Sienna Pickard