Hola Amigos!!

Another week has gone by and there’s so much to share with you. I did a lot of fun diving this week, lucky me! Im still fighting with the gopro, trying to upload my photos.. When I do I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what I came across down here in Manuel Antonio Marine Park. I finally saw my first Nudibranchs down here, they were so beautiful!

Not everything I do here in Quepos/MA are dive or scuba related. As you may know from following me either here or on facebook, I’m a huge environmentalist/animal lover. Last Sunday I attended the PAWS fundraiser which raised money to help local animals in need. It was an amazing afternoon with a huge turn out from the locals in the area.
(photo from PAWS event of live band and attendees.)

We here at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica have an amazing group of Dive Master Trainees (DMTs). These lovely students play a huge role in shop operations. They help check divers in, gear them up, attend to them on the boat, and care for equipment (to name a few tasks). Our shop runs smoothly and effetively thanks to our amazing DMTs. The other morning they were all bright and early waiting to be let in to start another amazing day of diving.
(DMTs outside the gear room featuring the fruitloop hoop)

You may remember from my last post that i was excited to learn how to service equipment and fill tanks.. Well I did both of those this weeks! Brad allowed me to sit in on his equipment class and has agreed to help me do my own regulator service! JT and Brad taught Ashley and I how to fill tanks, however we seem to have bad luck as we blew and air hose! I realized I love filling tanks, as long as I’m alone to do my own thing, its oddly peaceful.
(photo from equiptment class and tank filling love)

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, our crew got together at Runaway grill at the Marina to watch the game. We had a great night out together. This week we have a group from gapforce who are here with us for 4 weeks. 3 of them are doing their open water course with me, and 2 are doing rescue with Ashley. Also coming up this week is our first nightdive (tonight), social Wedneday at La Colina for live music, and a canopy tour on Sunday with a lot of diving and training inbetween! The IDC just started yesterday, I can’t wait to watch these next four go through the program!
(photo from Super Bowl Sunday)

Until next Monday!