marine research certificationWith our Eco Divemaster program up and running we are now adding to it with an exciting new certification part. Included in our Eco Divemaster program now we are offering a certification in Marine conservation and research. With this certification you will be trained in aspects of marine biology including fish biology and invertebrate biology as well as coral reef structure and function. Fish identification and creature identification will also be covered to prepare you to start carrying out studies and surveys on the reef. Once you have all of your background information you will be then be taught surveying techniques to carry out underwater. These are standard underwater, marine survey techniques that can then be used throughout any studies that you participate in or choose to perform in the future. Survey techniques that will be used include roving diver techniques, transects, quadrats and T-bar measurements. If you are looking to combine your divemaster program with a career in marine conservation then this program could definitely be the one for you. In addition to the research program coral watches’ and REEF fish surveys will continue to be carried out as well as debris dives. Lets go ECO and help protect our marine environment with the ECO divemaster program here at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica.