cocos islandI was so lucky this past summer. I finally got to realize one of my dreams and went to dive Cocos Island, truly an epic dive adventure if ever you’ll have one. To make it better, I got to spend 2 whole weeks there studying dive sites, and looking at diver behavior. Now, whilst I would be happy to revisit that amazing place, dive with the hammerheads every day, look at reef ecology, formation and species studies, I in reality have to work “sigh”. So this is where the new idea comes in. Why not send some of our amazingly talented, enthusiastic Go Pro interns to Isla del Coco instead? Perfect wouldn’t you say!

And so it was. For the upcoming season of 2016 we have the opportunity to send some of our interns, on completion of their internship, either Divemaster or instructor, to Isla del Cocos. There are 3 positions available throughout the year, March time, July time and then again in October. During these programs, you will be based on the remote island is Isla del Coco, assisting with their reef studies. This includes reef structure, abundance of focus species, impact of tourism and others.

So, what do you have to do to get the chance to complete this amazing study. Easy, first up, you need to complete either a Divemaster or instructor program here at Go Pro Costa Rica. One of the tings we focus and complete during our internships is our own studies. This include coral reef coverage and monitoring and REEF checks. This will prepare you for the same techniques that are used on the island. Helping with the future studies.

There is then a formal application process during your Divemaster or instructor program if you are specifically interested in applying for the Cocos island position the prerequisites are outlined below. In addition you are asked to make a small donation to FAICO who uses all of its proceeds towards helping and benefitting the conservation of Isla Del Coco.

Some of the pre-requisites are outlined here;

  • Intermediate level Spanish minimum, both written and spoken
  • Either a degree in biology/marine biology or related field
  • OR previous experience in scientific field studies
  • Full set of personal dive gear, including surface signaling devices and dive computer
  • Nitrox diving certification (available at the dive shop if not held already)
  • Full personal dive insurance covering dive accidents.
  • Availability for a period of 2 – 3 months.

If you are interested in completing your dive professional training and would be interested in applying for a chance to dive Cocos Island please contact me today as internships positions are filling up fast.

Please note. In addition to this, if anyone has a particular study that they themselves would like to conduct as part of a degree or PHD, or other research please don’t hesitate us as well. There are other opportunities available for studies both terrestrial and marine.