Today started out as a beautiful sunny day. There was however some frustration getting to the boat. A triathlon took over the town of Quepos. All the streets were clogged with participants. Thankfully after some persuasion we were able to get down to the dock and load the boat up. We jumped straight into our presentations. We did a one-tank dive this time because we also had to complete an 800-meter swim and practice lift bag demonstrations. We were quick and efficient; getting back to the shop before noon.

On our lunch break I prepared for the classroom presentation I have to do tomorrow. This time Georgia added a little twist. We have to incorporate the usage of a ken doll or rubber duck into the presentation. I’m going to use ken, but I am still figuring out what exactly to do with him. At this point I might be acting out a scene with him, which hopefully adds comic value to the presentation. I will make my final decision tomorrow.

In the afternoon we sat down to a rescue course lecture but we were down a person. No one had any idea where he had gone. The last time I had seen him he was napping on the bench downstairs. We called out his name several times without any response. Where did he disappear to? We were all wondering. Turns out he found a comfy chair in the lounge next to the classroom to snooze in. He groggily stood up looking bewildered. We couldn’t help but laugh. Thankfully it was funny enough to hide the fact that he’d help up the whole class for the last 15 minutes. The one thing I am going to take from this is to make sure and set an alarm if I decide to take a midday nap at the shop. Which I definitely see happening in the near future.