Oceans Unlimited with Go Pro Costa Rica and Sin Limites is pleased to announce the first Deptherapy Instructor Program in Costa Rica. On November 24th we will be offering and instructor program for anyone certified as a Divemaster or above. We will also be offering both divemaster and support diver programs. During this course you will learn how to;

  • Relate to some of the common psychological aspects of disabled persons.
  • The characteristics of various physical disabilities, and how they relate to scuba diving.
  • Recognize and adapt to some of the unique characteristics of mental & emotional disabilities.
  • How to overcome some of the problems you may encounter when training physically disabled divers, through simulations and workshops in both confined and open water environments.
  • Proven methods for assisting those with sight impairment, hearing impairment, spinal injuries, amputations, and other disabilities.
  • How to adapt and modify normal diving equipment to the needs of the disabled diver.
  • To anticipate the needs and attitudes of challenged students and to develop a foresight in logistic awareness and considerations.

This program is open to all PADI Divemasters and above and once qualified, you will be able to teach a variety of programs including open water certification and more.

The Deptherapy Open Water Diver course provides the knowledge and skills required to safely dive in an open-water environment, accompanied by two or three certified support divers or Deptherapy certified dive professionals. The course is performance based and specific academic & waterskills requirements must be met in order to complete the program. Upon completion of the course the student will receive the appropriate Open Water Diver certification based upon their level of dependency and their ability to assist their fellow divers.

All courses will be covered during the program.

The Deptherapy Support Diver course is designed to allow certified divers to be certified to fill the key role of a certified support diver for an Deptherapy certified adaptive scuba diver. A Deptherapy Support Diver is specially trained in how to dive with a disabled diver. Candidates get first hand experience in understanding some of the problems encountered by disabled divers.

Challenge yourself today and join us on our first adaptive teaching program.

Price for The program is $499 plus your instructor application fee. The instructor manual outlining all courses is included.

Please contact us for further details.