Today was the last dive of our advanced class and then also some additional training for the PADI rescue course. So we headed off to south point, ignoring the rain to complete our “boat” dive to round it up. Nice drop into the canyon, cruise along the reef and then spotted!!! first shark of the season. He was chill cruising past once, then coming back for a second shot which was great as everyone got to see him. Some cool parrot fish, puffers and then heading up for our safety stop. During our surface interval time for some extra practice on boat response. Okay, so what do we have to use, throw rope, ring, fenders, plenty of easily accessible items to assist with a rescue, so lets play out a scenario. In steps in our intrepid rescuing , 1,2, 3 throw that rope….. or maybe not.  Second attempt, here we go, and, rope goes up, rope goes down. Need a bit more practice for that I think. Second dive search pattern practice went better, that’s for sure, at least we found what we were looking for and a cool ray! Tomorrow, more throwing and some rescuing of non-responsive divers, should be good, stay tuned!