Go Pro Environmental internshipThis coming season we are going to be starting some new ideas and initiatives. One of these is with our new revamped Go Pro programs. As a 4 times winner of the environmental achievement award we pride ourselves on our dedication to the environment and conservation, however in the past few months have not been as active as in the past. We have therefore decided that the best thing for this so that we can refocus back on the more important issues facing us today in the environment is to enlist your help. Or rather, the help of one or 2 enthusiastic go pro volunteers. So we are creating a program here where in exchange  for a go pro program, for example your Divemaster course, you will take on the role of environmental officer at Oceans Unlimited / Go Pro Costa Rica. We will be setting goals, for each month and targets so that we can help get our environmental program back on track and be even better eco warriors than before!

If you are interested in this program please let us know by contacting us via the go pro website!