How would you describe 2020? Shitshow? Awakening? Stark raving bonkers?

I have heard it described in many different ways and each moment, that there seems to be a glimmer of what may be light at the end of the tunnel, it decides to extend the tunnel just a little bit more. So why keep plodding through the same tunnel? Surely it is better to just blow it up and dig out where you are? I feel for all of those students, attempting to start a new chapter at University. That cannot be fun, so why fight it?

Right now, getting away could be one of the best things you could do, especially for your sanity. With our new season beginning right around the corner, and all of our new safety and health protocols in place, it is the best time to get out and start scuba divine and traveling. As a scuba instructor you can travel and sustain yourself whilst doing it. Whilst you wont become a millionaire, you can make enough to keep going and then come back when you want. But don’t just take me word for it, here are five valid reasons for why you should start traveling right, now, for your health and well being!

traveling is a gift

Traveling is a gift

We all took the fact we could travel anywhere for granted. We these privileges being reassessed over the past months it has made us all realize what a gift they were. And now we should embrace it that way. To be able to travel really, and truly IS a gift. An easy one. What money you do have should be spent on experiences that resonate with you for a lifetime, not a materialistic piece that can fade away. An experience traveling to foreign countries will forever be with you. And the experience could change you, the gift that keeps on giving.

A chance to connect to the Earth

Yes, I’m going slightly “hippy” with this one. But, by traveling you can connect with the elements of the earth. That is Fire, water earth and air. They are all around us, but in escaping somewhere like Costa Rica you can get closer to them. Take in the element of fire, by watching the sun rise over the forest and breathe in the air as you walk in the early morning along the beach or through the forest. Take in its stillness and just listen to the surrounding nature. Touch the earth as the rolling rainforests meet the ocean and connect with nature all around you. And our most powerful element in the world of scuba, water. Feel its ebb and flow with the surge of the pacific ocean around you as you explore the coral reefs of Manuel Antonio.

Reconnect to what is essential – breathe in nature

Through this whole pandemic, it really has made many of us reassess who we are and what we do. The huge effects we have on this planet have been even more evident with nature fighting back in some corners as we all went into lockdown. So we think and look at how we can reconnect with nature. This planet is a beautiful place that is very fragile and we need to reconnect to that. By traveling and scuba diving you can do that. Step off the beaten track and see it for all of its real beauty. Take in the amazing coral reefs under the ocean, have walk up a volcano. Breathe in nature and take a moment to reconnect with what is important.

Give back to the planet

Eco Divemaster in Costa rica
Give back with a clean up

By scuba diving and exploring the world you can give back to the beautiful planet that we are on. As a scuba diver you are naturally an ambassador to the ocean and can help educate others about the plight of our oceans. As a dive professional even more so. When you are a Divemaster you are educating other divers about the underwater world and as a scuba instructor as well. With discover scubas and open water classes you are talking to new divers about what they can do to preserve the ocean. When you are traveling as well you may find projects and ways to volunteer and help in different areas around the globe. The more we talk about what we can do, and actually do it, the more other people will take note and hopefully start doing their part too.

See a different point of view

One of the most exciting things when you travel is meeting new people. Not people forcing their views on you over social media, but people that you can have a physical conversation with. I feel that today, so many people hide behind social media and are losing the ability to actually have a conversation and open discussion. Looking at different points of view and listening to other peoples thoughts. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong. You can open up to many different opinions and sometimes agree to disagree in a civilized fashion. This is by far, a much needed skill for many now. And overall I feel it makes you open minded which is a great character asset.

Learn to be more tolerant

This moves hand in hand with the above point. As I mentioned before, just because you don’t agree, it doesn’t mean you have to be an arsehole to them. Listen, respect, and don’t bully and shame. Be a more tolerant person. By immersing yourself in different cultures and ways of thinking this can really have a profound effect on you. At the dive school. we all share a passion, the ocean and trying to save it. Don’t look at your differences with people look at what you share and do not base your opinions of a person on one point of view that they may have. I get tired of hearing, “well, back in *****”where ever”**** we’re from, we don’t do it that way. It doesn’t matter, you are not there now, so open your mind and be more tolerant of other people and the ways things are done differently around the world. It will change your life.

There are many more reasons to start traveling right now and scuba diving your way round the world is a sustainable way of doing it. Even if it is for a short period of time, it will give you the chance to have a look at your life and the impact you are making, a maybe inspire you to head in a different direction that you haven’t even considered before.