fun on the boat
Thank you everyone for your hard work<br>And so as quickly as it had begun I feel the dive season for this year is already over Crazy and extremely scary thought but we are all faced with an unprecedented crisis right now and after saying goodbye to our last three instructors this week we are officially on lockdown as a dive shop Wow<br><br>So even though it was short it was crazy busy and fun I want to say thank you to all of you that came to see us since the beginning of November <br><br>To our amazing and hard working instructors I cannot thank you enough especially on those long days double trips and testing clients The Margaritas and beers were sometimes not enough but I know they helped<br><br>To all of my instructor students for putting all of your hardwork and effort into your training I know I can push you but I only want you to do as well as you can<br><br>To everyone who chose us to Go Pro thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys were great I hope you got everything and more from the programs you did With the tears when people left and the promises of visiting again I feel that you got the experience of a lifetime that you were looking for And we loved being part of it <br><br>I dont know when we will be back I am hoping sooner rather than later but I hope that this doesnt cripple all of you too much Working in tourism is hard as demonstrated by this and you can never forsee anything global events such as these <br>All I can really say is stay positive there will be an end and to possibly the BEST team of instructors I have had work here again Thank you for all of your hard work I think Christmas Vacation drinking games will forever replace the xmas party now and I hope that some of you at least will make your way back here in the not too distant future<br><br>For some fun here are some pictures from this short but sweet season