All scuba training agencies have their own names, and levels for their certifications. Very often we get the question, “if I am such and such agency is it okay?”

Of course it is! Any training agency that works with the Recreational scuba training council standards is valid. But at what level should you enter your training at?

To make it easier, after some research, we have written out a table listing the most common RSTC scuba training agencies that we have seen here, and where their certifications level up. That way you can check, and see if you start at Advanced, rescue or even Divemaster!

dive ratings

If you can’t find yours here, then check the following page; Diver certification ratings. They have an even more extensive list of agencies with some of the even lesser known ones and their depth ratings.

If after all of that you can’t find your certification then my suggestion would be to contact PADI directly and see where your equivalent would be.