equipment essentials for going pro

The internet is full of helpful how tos, what to bring when traveling, what travel essentials to pack on a scuba diving trip. But when you are going to complete your professional scuba training in a far off place, you have to step up your game a bit. What essentials do you need to pack to Go Pro?

Obviously your swimmers

Now, you are probably thinking ‘duh” thats a given right? Well yes. But when you are going to be in and out of the water continually over a period of time the right choice of swimmers is a huge thing to think about. When you Go Pro you are training to become a professional right? So even in the water you want to be professional. Start as you mean to go on. So, saying that, you want swimwear that is comfortable, and relatively modest. As you will be dealing with client and customers from all background, bending over to fix equipment in super skimpy bikini or swim trunk wouldn’t be the best option. Also, take a couple of options. Wearing one swim short or bikini/swim costume for at least 4 weeks non stop will wear on you probably. Plus it gives them a chance to dry.

Protect from those rays!

Sun protection for long days on the boat
Sun protection for long days on the boat and in the pool

In many of the tropical destinations were you might be thinking of going pro, you can catch the sun. Even that 10 minute boat trip to the dive site can catch you out. Pack sun protection travel essentials that again, you are comfortable wearing. Think ahead to that long pool session you may have outside during an open water class, Hello sunburnt forehead and hands. Maybe a rash guard is a good idea if you are not wearing a wetsuit in confined and make sure you have a good sunblock. Ideally reef friendly. There is more time spent on the surface in class and workshops than a normal dive trip so think about that.

Scuba equipment extras

As a professional diver, or at least in the process you need to have your own equipment. Honestly, what electrician turns up for a job and says, “excuse me, can I borrow your tools” to a house owner? None. So why should you? You are becoming a professional. Now I understand that traveling may cost you in space, which is why, we include BCD and regulator hire in Costa Rica. But all other equipment you should have. The super basics, mask, fins, snorkel and computer, (How will you lead a dive if you don’t have a computer?). Then safety essentials like safety sausage, reel, whistle, compass and cutting device. Again, think like a pro here guys.

Keeping in touch

On your many travels you know that your friends and family are going to want to keep in touch and see what you are up to. Load up your phone before you go with the apps you ned to do this. If you are from the states and haven’t caught up yet. Load up WhatsApp. the rest of the world uses it and it is easier than skype. That way you can keep in touch with everyone, send pictures, voice mails, whatever you need to. ITs also great for class groups and study so if there is something going on with class, everyone can keep on top of it. And the big thing to remember, is that you need to load it up before you leave the country otherwise you won’t be able to verify it. Just a suggestion!

In addition, bring only what you need with electronics. Do you really need to stream Netflix on a computer whilst you are there> Why not enjoy the outdoors instead. If completing an instructor program you will want an ipad or computer for your digital pdfs and tools as a phone can be a bit tiring to read from but other wise you should be good.

An open mind is a travel essential

Meeting lots of new people and having a great time going pro
Going Pro is a memorable experience

Whilst some of you would have traveled before, for others it may be your first extended trip out of the country. Keep open minded. A lot of the places you will visit do not have what you think of as the “comforts of home”. First up, do you really need them? So something takes twice as long. Sit back and enjoy the pace. Your favorite food isn’t there. Enjoy the local cuisine. Embrace the different way of doing things, and different lifestyle. Learn from everyone you meet, they all have a story to tell. Sit back, listen and breathe it all in. You will be better for it I promise.