Underwater guide, standup comic, gear MacGyver, photographer, even counselor at times. A divemaster wears many hats. We’ve committed ourselves to being “tank monkeys” and sporting a permanent series of questionable looking bruises on our legs. While becoming a divemaster is a choice, it isn’t really something you choose – it chooses you. This is one of the best things that could happen to you, because nothing will ever compare to it.

Beyond the person who guides you through the underwater realm, here are the top 7 reasons why being a divemaster is awesome: 

1. We’re basically an underwater GPS

Turn right at the next big shelf coral. Make a u-turn in 100m at the bed of spiny sea urchins. Each time you dive with us, it’s like you’re taking an all-in-one combination of a map, GPS and compass with you. During our training we become intimately acquainted with compass directions and natural navigation, even mapping dive sites in detail! So rest assured, that big rock is only a rock to you, but to us, it’s a prominent landmark.

2. We check you out without checking you out

divemasters are awesome

Part of our job involves kitting up clients, over and over and over. After a while, it becomes second nature to size you up in a glance and immediately know what size BC and wetsuit you need. We know who needs more weights in their trim pockets, who needs a full wetsuit, we even know what kind of mask will be best suited to your face! All within five seconds of looking at you.

3. We’re experts on seasickness

Sure, this might not necessarily be something you boast about, but it is a pretty unique skill to have. Sooner or later in any divemaster’s career, there comes a time where they become the unintended victim of a seasick client. As a result, we know all the best fixes. (Not to mention we’re pretty chilled about these clients getting a little too close for comfort.) Boat’s motion causing a commotion? Have a dry saltine cracker or get right back in the water

4. We don’t need CrossFit

The average day for us involves hauling heavy cylinders around. We also push boats out to sea, swim against currents, pull divers onto boats, lug heavy dive gear around and load trucks for pool sessions. Essentially, we do both cardio and weight training every day. This means we get to eat pretty much whatever we want, so it’s a win-win.

5. We’re the ultimate problem solvers

7 reasons divemasters are awesome

During our training we get to observe other divemasters and instructors adapt to and solve problems. We are also taught how to fix those problems ourselves and then we practice them endlessly. Burst O-ring on a tank? Loose cylinder band at depth? How about forgotten fins or mask? We can fix it! Oh and don’t forget how we sneakily swim up to you and add extra weight to you before you even need to ask! (Who wouldn’t want to dive with someone like that?)

6. We’re in a committed relationship… with scuba gear!

Forget romantic hand-holding with your significant other, we’ve ruined our hands opening and closing cylinders as we fill them. We have also gotten to know all the elements of a dive kit intimately! From opening up regulators and performing visual inspections on cylinders to setting those old school Aeris or Suunto dive computers, we know gear and we know it well.

7. We know interesting people!

One of the best parts about diving with new people for a living is exactly that – you meet new people all the time! Not only do they share your enthusiasm for diving, but they come from all over the world. We know people with the coolest jobs, like being a poker commentator, and we also get to hear all their awesome stories from diving in different destinations!

As divemasters, we’ve pretty much turned ourselves into someone people will always want to have on a dive. With extensive knowledge as well as a very specific (and diverse) skill set, it’s only onwards and downwards for us! If you want to join the diving professional world as a divemaster, contact us to get more information.