new padi instructorsThroughout my PADI instructor development course I was  constantly going through a range of emotions. I honestly started the program very confident. I was so happy to be back in Costa Rica and back and at Oceans Unlimited. After the first day of going through the course, meeting my fellow peers my confidence wavered and my nerves set in.

Getting back in the water

I felt very  much behind after being out of the water only once in the eight months while I was away at university. Luckily this feeling did not last long. After getting to know my peers that i now call my dive family I felt more confident. Once our training started my skills slowly came back to me. Of course I earned my first one in the skill circuit and became a proud member of the one club. Although after getting a one I felt like a garbage scuba diver, I realized I would never make that mistake again. I became grateful for every one that was given out because those were the lessons that stuck with everyone the most.

In class presentations

The most tedious portion of our training was the in class presentations. Determiclassroom IDC presentationsned to have fun we tried to sell various courses and gadgets to each other. I also learned that I can talk extremely fast when nervous. I was happy to move on from the classroom and pool to the open water. As luck would have it we were training in the red tide. Although this made things more difficult. In the end I am grateful because teaching in a red tide has  made me a better diver and instructor.

PADI exam approaching

As the PADI Instructor exam (IE) approached I was constantly asking what the exam would be like. I was told to deal with what was in front of me first and how nice our examiner was. After failing the physics portion of the IDC twice I was finally ready for the IE. Although I had studied the material and by choice taken an unnecessary amount of practice tests I was still nervous for the written portion.

The PADI Instructor exam

On the day of the IE I can remember hugging Robert our examiner after found out I had passed the written portion. After all the hard work and studying that went into my instructors I cannot describe how proud I am the be a PADI instructor. It is one of my greatest accomplishments. I couldn’t wait to call my parents to tell them the good news. My brother congratulated me by saying I was no longer a scuba bum. Of course I would not have been able to get my instructors had it not been for the support and guidance of Oceans and Go Pro Costa Rica.

PADI IDC water presentations

Being grateful

I am truly great full for every critique I received. I truly felt that they wanted me to succeed in a way I never got from previous teachers. Whenever I had any questions they would take the time and explain until I understood. I never felt rushed or stupid for asking questions. Oceans Unlimited was the perfect place for me to take my IE because I felt like I was surrounded by family the whole time. I would not have succeeded without their support. Now that I am an Instructor and working at the shop they continue to be by my side with support and guidance. I hope that I can guide and teach people with the same patience and encouragement that I received at Oceans Unlimited.

Happy bubbling🤙🏽🤙🏽