REEF fish surveysIn our continuing effort to make a difference to the Ocean world we have just become a Conservation Partner with With our ECO Divemaster program and marine conservation efforts already this is another step on the ladder.

What does REEF conservation partner mean?

Becoming a Conservation Partner with REEF shows our support for protecting the ocean! Conservation Partners serve as vital sponsors of REEF’s programs, as well as centers for marine conservation actions, outreach, and education.

Conservation Partner Actions
At the Oceans Unlimited scuba dive center here in Quepos, we already take part in a variety of conservation programs. These include being 100% AWARE and participating in regular Dives for Debris. We run our marine conservation and research program and regular fish surveys and CoralWatch dives. In addition to that we will be conducting more training, teaching fish and invertebrate ID classes and supporting REEF education and outreach programs.
To all our current and future ECO divemaster students , REEF conservation partneryou will be even more active with these new projects.  With all of the data being collected it will give us a great overview of what is happening in our local reef system.
 In addition to that we will be stepping up our local outreach programs. We will be working with local schools on their own conservation initiatives and projects.
Our new group of marine conservation instructors will be heading out this coming Monday and as part of this they will be training to their next survey levels. All of our divemasters in training will also be completing additional fish ID training over the next week too. This will allow us all to contribute our data to the program and look at the status of our local reef life.
If you want to come join us and contribute, just shoot us a message. We would love to have you along.
Make a difference with your scuba diving and look after your Ocean world too.