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PADI Instructor Program February – Live the Dream

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What new and exciting thing shall I do with my life then? Hmmmmm. I know, I'll work underwater and teach others to blow bubbles underwater with me. What an inspiring idea!

Yes indeed it is. So how do you get there?

You join our next exciting instructor program here at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica starting on February 4th.

So before you begin you would need to have your Divemaster and first aid certification finished and at least 100 dives. The prerequisite Divemaster certification can be either PADI or any equivalent scuba certifying agency. 

Once you have those certifications in order you can start on our Free IDC prep program. This includes a pool session to practice your skills, theory sessions to revise your dive theory including physics, physiology, equipment and dive tables as well as rescue review and more. 

What doe the PADI IDC involve?

The PADI Instructor program is a 10 day program which looks at how to teach. All aspects of PADI scuba diving programs are covered including how you as an instructor can teach them. You also cover the PADI system, risk management as a scuba professional and standards. 

As well as classroom sessions, the program is integrated with pool sessions where you will be practicing skills as well as practicing teaching. You will also head out to the ocean completing teaching workshops encompassing different control techniques and more. 

Towards the end of the program we include the EFR instructor program which teaches you to be a first aid instructor. This is a great skill that you can use outside the scuba diving industry as well.

Why the PADI IDC with Go Pro?

With the PADI IDC at Go Pro we like to stand out from the crowd and give you as the budding instructor as much ammunition as possible to arm yourself for a career in the scuba diving industry. 

For that reason we include as many real world workshops and extras in the program as possible. For the water workshops we look at control, ascents, descents, putting together a CESA, rescue techniques and group communication. We also look at additional skill practice for adventure dives and specialty training. 

For the resort aspect of it we have marketing workshops looking at social media and different techniques as well as student processing and PADI tools programs. 

So with all of this fun schedule starting on February 4th why don't you change your life today and become a scuba instructor with us here in Costa Rica!

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