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Adaptive teaching – scuba changing lives

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How can scuba change lives? In many ways, some that you may not even think about. By introducing someone to the underwater world, and even juts the feeling of being weightless and free can have a deeply profound effect on many peoples lives. It is for this reason we have introduced the PADI Adaptive Teaching techniques program here at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica.

So with the recent release of the PADI Adaptive teaching program we are now going to now be teaching this at our facility here in Costa Rica. 

There are three options, the adaptive support diver program, the adaptive teaching technique specialty for Divemasters and Instructors, or becoming an adaptive teaching techniques instructor.  If you already have some experience or want to look further into it as an instructor then this is a great option for your professional scuba diving portfolio.

We ran a program here this past month which was great fun and exciting for all of the instructors involved. It gave every instructor a chance to open their mind a little bit and think outside of the box with regards to their skill presentations.

To give everyone coming through Go Pro a chance to really extend their teaching skills we have decided to offer the training for any instructors completing the MSDT program as an additional fun add on. Also, it will be one of our options for those students that are coming through the Divemaster program as the teaching techniques program is available for students enrolled in Divemaster training. 

So, if you want to broaden your scuba horizons, then let us know and we will happily take you through your pro training and adaptive program!

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