padi idc pool session costa rica

The PADI IDC- fun and games

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So after 12 exciting days the current crew of future enthusiastic scuba instructors are ready to take their instructor exam! Yeeeha! It's been a crazy, intense and fun couple of weeks and I have definitely learnt a few things. With a couple of days still to go we are heading into some fun specialty instructor training before the PADI IE so that everyone can have some slightly more relaxing dives and blow more fun bubbles underwater. 

Tomorrow we are heading out on our deep program. Yes, deep, which as a technical diver, can be a pretty crazy depth but as a recreational diver, deep is anything over 60ft/18m and up to 40m. The plan tomorrow is to head to a funtastic 35m  but with the rains still beating down on us here in Manuel Antonio it may be a little bit chilly down there. None the less, I will be loading up with some extra neoprene layers and then a nice cosy hood. 

padi idc fun in costa rica

I will also be layering up with plenty of games for the students as we look at  tackling narcosis underwater with "mr potato head" and carrying our deco bottles in case of emergencies.  I think after the crazyness that is the PADI IDC everyone is looking forward to exploring and having some fun dives.  It's been a fun bunch of students with people from Europe, the states and Canada here on this program. Each completing their instructor training for a different reason, it may be to travel, it may be just as a personal goal. Whatever the reason, becoming a scuba instructor will change your life, as it did mine many years ago and for that I am very thankful. 

I am looking forward to heading out into the blue tomorrow and I can't wait to hit my favorite soft coral wall, just remember to be ready with my hood! I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as me and breathe just for a bit after working so hard over the past couple of weeks before we step into our PADI IE. Well done guys!!