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Summing up my Cocos experience

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After an amazing month on Isla Del Coco, our instructor Bastian sums up his experience...

Day 24

Like we planned, Sunday again, time to fun dive. One more me and 2 more instructors decided to take of some volunteers and rangers out for a nice dive, this time we made the call on Roca Sucia and the Coral Garden. Beautiful day out there, lots of amazing footage, fun sharing time and cool stuff.

Last Week of the Journey

Time to reduce the revolutions for these last days in this magical place. All of the investigators are gone and new volunteers arrived to add up to the labor strength of the rangers. To start of Isaac and me still had a couple of pending missions in the ocean, so we decided to get them over with. Basically we had to fix and replace 2 anchors located in opposite sides of the Island, one was going to Chatam Base and the other one at Dos Amigos Dive site. Setting anchors is not an easy task, and it is mandatory to have a lot help and support just to get the in the water. Once the anchor was down it is time for the divers(us) to fix it in place and secure it the best way possible. It took us 4 day to finish both of the fundings and having them back in work holding the different boats around the Island. Very satisfied for my last job as a Diver now its time to start realizing and accepting the sad fact that I needed to go back to Continent and my journey was almost over.

Next few days I was lucky enough to get a couple of extra dives under my belt, so me and Isaac went for some fun dives, we took one of the new volunteers with us so she could experience her first immersion at the Island, which like I said previous in this report, it is one of the most amazing and breathtaking experience you could ever have.

After 3 long weeks full of work and diving everyday its time to give the whole equipment some love and care. I decided to finish VIPing all of the tanks that still needed it. Visually inspected 12 tanks and gave maintenance to couple of regulators and BCD´s. Also gave a nice preventive cleaning to the Compressor and the room where its held. Now the everything is ready and up to date for the next wave of hard work. Only thing left to do, cleaning my own gear and getting it together for the trip back home, by the way it was a really hard thing to do, kind of mixed feelings, and something very deep inside of you claiming why you have to go? ¨feels like I belong here¨ After 33 days in paradise, its time to go home. But what am I taking back with me after 5 weeks? Well, 2 full moons on the Island, lots of new friends, minus one GoPro5 (nothing important), definitely expanded my general knowledge in Marine Conservation, 47 dives, a happy and restored soul like if I was reborn.

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The day has arrived and my boat is leaving at noon. The whole day seemed like a torture, and sometimes I though, ¨should I just escape into the woods and disappear so I miss my boat, and stay here?¨ , literally that’s what I felt, but in the end we all new it wasn’t going happen. Finished getting my stuff ready and one the rangers Joaquin Alvarado(el Viejo) took me back to board my charter. The most beautiful sunset shining in my face on the way to the boat, the most special way of closure this journey.

We started navigating and I could see how the Island was farther and farther, shining by the most beautiful sun. With a big joy in my heart but none the less a sad feeling to leave, I have to say ¨Goodbye Coco´s Island, i´ll see you again¨.

Thanks to every person that made this possible, very blessed and thankful to be part of this extreme experience.