Cocos Island Research Adventure – Part 3

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On his last few days on Coco island, let's see what Bastian got up to on his adventure of a lifetime...

Day 14

Another exiting day starts, continuing with the research, today´s sites  where Taza Invertida and Alsyon, this second one is an amazing dive site discovered by the well known Cousteau in one of his adventures on the island in the late 80´s, located 30 meters under sea level, with very strong currents but full of underwater wild life, hammer heads, Galapagos, Silver tips, White tips, Tuna, Jacks, Rays and much more. Again setting trap cameras and monitoring were our primary focus.

Day 15

Research diving Roca Sucia and Punta Maria and setting up trap cameras was our mission for today. Very long day of work, the project is reaching its end, couple more days on this routine and it will be over for this stage.

Day 16

One more time we went out to set trap cameras and diving, this time Manuelita and Bajo Manuelita, for the second dive we had issues locating our exact position, current was stronger than what it usually is, and eventually we all got pulled out into the deep blue, forcing us to abort mission on this dive site.

After an intense morning we all decided why not having some fun, by this being said we arranged a soccer game, Rangers VS Okeanos Agressor team, at Chatam bay. Unfortunatelly we lost the game 6-4, but the most important we enjoyed it, and this brought a little bit of stress out from the last few days of hard work.

Day 17

Day off, we decided to go diving and taking with us a couple of volunteers which hadn’t been diving so often. Best diving day so far at Manuelita (profunda), once I got out of the water I was so stoked about everything we saw that while taking off my gear to put it back in the boat I totally missed that my camera was not properly attached and it dropped into 130 ft of water, kind of disappointing, but things like these happen. Still thinking on going on a search and recovery mission on normal air before I leave the island. Still staying positive.

Image Image

Day 18

Last day for the Pelagic species monitoring project, we went out to set cams in a dive site called Silverado. It was a very productive last mission. Once back in the station only task left was filling tanks, and preparing ourselves for what it would be an intense upcoming week staring of with a new project, this time research and monitoring on coral reefs.

Days 19 - 23

Today starts what is going to be an intense 5 days of work doing a coral reef monitoring program with another investigator Christina. The whole idea of the project is monitor activity on coral reefs, for this task we dove several different dive site which include Wafer bay, el Risco, Roca Juan Bautista, Punta Maria, Chatam bay, Pan de Azucar and Punta Presidio. The project involves measuring complexity or  of the bottom, doing counts of species, fish and invertebrates, and  coral ID using 40 meter transects. Really interesting to learn so much about all of the different procedures that involve a coral reef monitoring, and more exiting doing it while having 12ft tiger sharks guarding their territory and letting their presence add some adrenaline to this activity.