humpback whale

Whale Conservation – An exciting new program here in Costa Rica

As part of our stronger focus on marine conservation, we have developed an additional exciting new program for here in Costa Rica. Developed by one of our very own instructors, who has already a vast experience in the field of whale biology, we have created the Humpback whale conservation specialty. With Humpback whales visiting 8 out of the 12 months in the year, we certainly get our fair share and love to see them on our daily trips.
The Humpback Whale Conservation Specialty is designed to offer an introduction to Humpback whale physiology, behaviours and conservation techniques finishing with participants getting the chance to partake in an citizen science project and record whale sighting data.

The program was developed by our PADI instructor Tasmin Jenner. She is the daughter of two esteemed marine scientists, who has spent her life aboard research vessels following the migratory paths of Humpback Whales. She has assisted in data collection, essential to the creation of several Marine Protected Areas along the West Australian coastline, including the Humpback Whale breeding grounds of the Kimberly. If you want some more information on what they do then check out their website for the Centre for Whale Research    You can see some more of their great work as well on the Nat Geo Documentary,  Birthplace of the Giants.

The program is a three quarter day program where you first spend time in the classroom. You will learn about different aspects of the humpback whales including behaviour, physiology, threats and conservation. You will look at different research techniques in addition to this.

The conservation and research techniques will focus primarily upon photo identification in order to help determine population sizes, habitat bounds and migratory paths.

After that, if it is whale season, you will then be heading out on the boat to do some whale spotting. During that time you will be recording sightings and any visual data you can to upload to a database, used for tracking and monitoring humpback whales in Costa Rica. This is you chance to do a bit of marine conservation and contribute, without getting wet!

If you have an interest in this program of one of our other great marine conservation projects contact us today . Come and see these majestic giants in their environment.