On the boat for the IDCThe IDC is finished, and we leave for playa del coco in just a couple of hours. The last week of the course was just as challenging as the first, but we had more tools and experience to handle those challenges.

Day 6 was a classroom Day, with lectures on the rescue and dive master courses, followed by our last knowledge presentation. The knowledge Presentations become easier and more natural as the IDC progresses. It was Definitely my least favourite part of the course at the beginning, but towards the end it was one of my favourite portions of the course. Day 7 was our first open Water presentation. The conditions we had to work with ( washing machine) made the under water portion difficult, but it made it a valuable learning experience. Teaching in open water was Definitely a new beast. A lot of the muscle memory I had developed in the pool didn’t quite fully translate into open water. Mainly little things that you’ve Done so many times in a pool you don’t even have to Think about them anymore. Day 8 was another open water day, and Even though the conditions were worse, the flow of the presentations felt more natural. Given the 0 visibility and ripping currents it felt impossible to keep control of the group, but JT taught us some really valuable skills we may not have learned had the conditions been perfect. We Also did our 800m snorkel that day, and everyone cruised it ( thank you current). Day 9 was rest day!! I did no resting, and lots of surfing. Day 10 was a quiet day as well, with an intro to EFRI in the afternoon being our only session for The day ( more surfing)! Day 11 was a long one… EFRI all day was fun, but surely a little repetitive at times. We managed to go on at least two game of thrones tangents that day… it Definitely felt good Being an Efr instructor at the end of the Day. Day 12 was the last day of the IDC! Wooo! We finished our last confined water presentation, and did some extra testing to review theory. The Rest of the day was spent finishing paperwork, and preparing for the trip to playa del Coco

It Definitely feels awesome to be done with the course, and I feel totally prepared, and ready to tackle the IE with Marita. Were packing our equipment and books, and will be on the road shortly. I will write about my experience at the IE on Monday When were back in Town. Pura vida!-Troy