First of all, I was diving with Oceans Unlimited (OU) as part of my instructor course, so, other than one fun dive, I didn’t get to “see the sights” much. As for seeing the sights, keep in mind that OU do not control the ocean, in particular, not the visibility, although, if anybody can find the best vis and know the best dive sites in the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area, it’ll be OU. If you are looking for training, this is the place to go, not if you want to be hurried through to get your certificate, but definitely if you want thorough training that will prepare you for almost anyplace else you are likely to go diving. If all you want is a new certification, you can go anywhere, but if you want to be challenged to be better than you technically need to be at the certification level, then this is the place for you. OU do not cut corners. If you just want to go fun diving, then you can be sure that you’ll be getting the most knowledgeable, competent guides there are for this area. The staff include some of most professional, experienced, knowledgeable divers you’re ever likely to meet, especially Georgia, whose tech experience, both as a diver and as a teacher, give her valuable perspectives on “normal” recreational diving that few have. As for perspectives, OU is also strong when it comes to eco-diving, and even teaches a special eco-divemaster course. The new facility is comfortable and convenient, both for classroom work and the nearby boat. On top of it all, this is a fun group, from Bob the owner all the way to Deco the Dog.