Good morning from paradise! Waking up to birds chirping is definitely one of the best things ever. Once I was done with breakfast, I headed to the dive shop to begin my day.

First item on the schedule was to go over how to Conduct Open Water dives. In this class we again went over briefing, problem observation and solving, and debriefings. This was building on what we learned on how to conduct confined water dives. However, we always need to keep in mind the problems you can run into and – while you want to make diving enjoyable for everyone – you need to be serious about things like this! Some of the conditions to consider are surge, temperature, visibility, depth, and so on. These definitely have an impact on how you are going to teach a class.

Next up was my second Knowledge Review presentation and mine was one from the Open Water course. It was about when to perform a CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent). I yet again ended with a 4.2 out of 5 which is ok, but still has room for improvement. My time was better at just under 8 min although yet again I failed to pass the item around to the class (won’t be making that mistake again!). Overall yet another good presentation, another chance for me to practice and appreciate the opportunity to improve my skills!

After a great lunch made by the family at my homestay, we headed back to the classroom. We started our E-Selling class with instructor JT and had a blast. I was asked to sell a calculator to Erika (my Divemaster) with a few jokes and puns involved, and I was able to complete this successfully – yay!!. This is a skill I’m very familiar with since I’ve been working in sales and accounting for a couple of years, so this was easy for me to close.

The last class of the day was on the program Adventures In Diving. This I know will be one of my favorite classes to teach – it’s all about fun!! It’s all about finding out things about the diver: What does the diver have an interest in? Is it wreck diving? Maybe its fish ID or Shark Awareness. I can’t wait to begin my career as a dive instructor and teach my students something I know they’ll  love and want to learn more about. I know how much I have always loved diving and nature and look forward to helping others enjoy that or technical skills or anything else they want!

To end today, I felt like I earned a treat and went out with a some of the college kids from the shop to hit a few of the bars around town. With the amount of laughs and smiles we had it was the best way to end yet another great day!