Greetings again from Costa Rica! Today has been yet another great learning experience on my journey to become a PADI instructor. Lets begin with the fact Costa Rica has some of the best sun rises I’ve ever seen (perfect with a cup of coffee). Now on to classes, we started with our first Knowledge Development presentation. Mine was a question about lifeguard exits from the Rescue course. Although I gave a  10 min presentation I hit almost all the points, I received a 4.2 out of 5. I need to shorten the length and better describe the key points of my presentation. Also I need to pass the item that I attempted to sell, around to the students, let them touch and examine the object. We then moved on how to give a prepare an Open Water Course.

In this course we went over the prerequisites, skills, ratios, and overall rules and procedures of performing an Open Water Course . Simply put it’s the next building block that goes on top of preforming a Confined Water Course. Once we finished going over this we headed for the pool to present our next Confined Water skill this time I had how to properly breath of an alternative air source while stationary.

This is a very important skill to master, in the unlikely case you or your buddy run out of air while in the underwater world. I was able to quickly spot the two problems I was assigned including a third unintentional one. Correcting the problems came to me very easily and once we all completed our skills we headed back to the classroom. Time to take our first practice theory exam. Remember when you take this that you have formulas and very helpful information on the 2nd page in the test. I didn’t see this and did poor on the Physics part pf the test, scoring a 65%. All other sections I knew quite well with a few mistakes here and there. Overall I think I did very well compared to how I felt I’d do in the morning. I need to study the Physics more and will focus on that so on the next exam I do much better. To finish off the day I grabbed my hammock, speaker , and some fresh fruit. Then went down the hill towards the beach and watched the sun set (best way to end a day).