The past few days have been terrific learning experiences. Yesterday as an IDC group we went over some questions on the theory. I’m still struggling with the physics. I’ve been practicing questions in the workbook, but still every now and then, I’m thrown a PADI question that sends me into a loop. Georgia then helped us on how to present classes in confined water. After grabbing a nice bite to eat from a local restaurant ( terrific empanadas or chicken) we headed up the hill to where the pool is. I had some doubt on how the skills circuit was going to go. However I did very well on my skills, especially for not practicing in few months. I got 110 points out of 120 the other two did very good as well too. So to sum up yesterday it went extremely well and I was very proud of the skill knowledge I retained from my Divemaster. Today we started with our first confined water skill presentation. I had regulator recovery, a skill that I am very familiar with (love blowing bubble rings). The presentation part of this exercise was the most challenging part for me. I’ve seen demos loads of times, but for me the briefing and debriefing are a part that I’m not use to. Moving on to the final classroom part of the day, we went over how to find and understand the material in the general standards and procedures section in our instructor manuals. The last item on our schedule for today was going over how to give a presentation on knowledge development questions. This is a good skill to have it I were to have a student that was struggling on some questions. It helps me better understand a couple of approaches I can take to ensure the knowledge is retained. To end things on a great note I got to go surfing today and it was amazing. I’m still practicing getting up on the board and keeping my balance, but just being on the waves was wonderful!When I was walking back I saw the cutest toucan in a tree colored with the most beautiful greens, purples, and yellows on the bill. I am loving the learning, the nature, the experience!!