Today is the first day of my IDC!!!! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to be doing this finally. I’ve spent the first half the day, with Georgia the Course Director, doing orientation going over want to expect the IDC schedule to look like. I’ve also gotten the opportunity to become better aquatinted with Marc and Blake the other two IDC candidates. It’s great to be working and learning along side people from different places in the world. Hearing some of the stories and experiences weather it be diving related of just life in general. I’ve also taken the time to acknowledge areas I need growth in (physics). I plan on ending each one of the entries with either descriptions or pictures of animals, food, events, etc.. I got a chance go on a fun dive the other day, although the visibility wasn’t great it was a great experience. I was able to utilize so great DM skills that I haven’t been able to use in a few months. Some ceatures we saw were a cute Guineafowl Puffer and some type of Morey eel. Overall a great first dive and more importantly day.