This week started with an EFR class with a lovely fun group of students. We were able to make the course fun, but still serious. It was nice to work with the three I initially taught almost a month ago. I’m sad to say they are leaving us on Sunday to go off to their Turtle conservation. We had our last dive together on Thursday, and lucky for them, the conditions were amazing. Please enjoy this photo of Dom practicing his CPR skills during our EFR course!
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I decided to take to the Segway tour here at the Marina, just to try out some of the other tourist options to share with our customers. The tour was really fun and I even scored dinner at the end of it. During the tour we came across a beached ray. With the help of a couple locals we managed to get the ray back in the water and off to live its life. I was really impressed that the locals were interested in saving the ray. I was nervous they didn’t care for it, when I first saw them, they were just staring at it. When I started trying to save it, they joined and together we put it back where it belongs, IN the ocean. Here is a photo of me on a segway, and the ray I saved.
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The last couple days we’ve had some really good groups on the boat, and had a lot of fun. I’ve got some photos on the boat and in the water for you to enjoy.
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 costarica, dive, scuba, PADI, oceansunlimited costarica, dive, scuba, PADI, oceansunlimited

At the end of the week it was time to say goodbye to the student group as they were heading off on their new adventure. They have gone off to do turtle conservation. It was a tearful see you later to the group… I had such a good time with the whole lot that it was really hard to let them go..
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I’m only here for two more weeks and it’s really starting to set in that I have to leave soon.. I’m not ready, I don’t want to go back to very cold Canada where I wont be diving anymore. I’ve grown to really enjoy the Pura Vida life style. I wish I could stay forever… but the reality is.. I have to go back home and work. I will be leaving again in November, but I’m not sure where my next adventure will take me. I do want to come back here so I can dive with Georgia as she’s been so busy being pregnant while I’ve been here! haha.

Until next week beautiful souls. xx