This week we celebrated Valentine’s day, the day of love. In my opinion we should share our love with eachother every day of the year, not just Feburary 14th. I organized a tour for the crew at Titi Canopy Tour in Quepos. There were 9 of us from the shop and 3 guests that joined us. The tour included transpotation, 11 amazing ziplines, a repel line, and a tarzan swing which had just opened that day. The whole group had an amazing time thanks to the crew at Titi. I managed to snap a shot of each member of our team “flying” through the air.



We have finally moved up to our new office at the marina. It’s a lovely space with a lot of light and…. AIR CONDITIONING!! It’s so freaking hot here it’s nice to have a space that is a little cool. Ile and I worked on a new board for our schedule, and the others set up the front of the shop. The old space is now just for equipment which is lovely as we aren’t crammed in there trying to run all the operations.
(Ile hard at work)

Jack and Tommy, two of our amazing dive master trainees helped pick up trash the other day outside of the Marina. I thought we might take some time that day to walk the street and pick trash, but there was so much trash just across from the marina, that we were able to fill two large bags of trash in around 5 minutes… We have decided to organize another clean up soon with a few more people and do the walk, but we did manage to make a big difference out side the marina.
(Jack and Tommy with their bags of trash)

I certified Dominic and Luca, two new open water students. It was the first course I did from start to finish and I’m very proud of these guys! They are here for a few more weeks still, I’d love to see how their diving improves. I took them on a fun dive a few days later, and I was very proud of their buoyancy. It’s moments like those that remind me why I’m doing the job I’m doing. I learn so much every day from all the people at the dive shop; clients, and co workers.
(Gap Force Students)

A few bubble watchers came out on the boat the other day and took and awesome shot of the people on the boat that afternoon check it out!



I’m looking forward to this week as we are really busy and I love diving, and being involved at the shop. Also we have the IE on Friday and I have a feeling the candidates are going to blow it out of the water. After the IE we start the MSDT prep which should be a lot of fun. There’s just so much to learn in the dive world. If you’ve never been diving, check out a discover scuba dive course and see if you want to go further. If you are certified, look into what the next level is for you, and see if it’s somewhere you may want to go.

Until next week.
(photo by Ricky)