Happy February everyone! We are officially in the second month of 2016! As you know I’ve started teaching upon my return. With each course things begin to come more naturally, and my confidence builds with each day. I did my first full confined sessions with a lovely couple; Lylia and Charles. One of the most rewarding parts of this job is seeing people progress through the different stages. Signing off these two new Open Water divers I was proud… I thought to myself, these are my students, and I’m thrilled to have my name on their certification cards (hopefully it fits… haha.. for those of you who don’t know my last name is Pfannenschmidt… it’s a bit of a mouth full).
The next IDC is starting on the 7th, I’m looking forward to watching the next gang move through the program with Georgia. I will be posting interviews, photos, and updates as the next group attacks the IDC!
I’m currently excited to start learning about equipment maintenance as well as getting trained fully on filling tanks. I like these little extra parts of the dive industry, it adds more value to both myself and my job. The opportunities here at Oceans Unlimited are priceless. All the staff is willing to help out, and teach you things. When I compare here, to my past, I realize how little I was being taught before, and how lucky I am to have found this program.
Now that I’ve settled back into the swing of things, I’m going to start working with the DMTs to organize a beach clean-up every other week. I spoke with a few of them today and they are very eager to help out. I will create facebook events so if you’re around the area you can come join in, or do something in your own area. Also on February 12th I encourage you to join this event #hearttheoceans https://conbio.org/groups/sections/marine/heart-the-oceans/ there are a few ways to get involved.
I wish everyone an amazing week and I’ll check in with you next Monday! I have included a few photos for your visual enjoyment. Ciao ciao