Here we are, 2 weeks into my return to Oceans Unlimited in Quepos, Costa Rica. The weather is beautiful, the sea is a spectactular 30 degrees celsius on average. My first day I took easy to adjust to the 50 degree temperature change and different life arrangment (culture, housing, food ect). The following day I officially started teaching. Since I’ve been here i’ve certified EFR students, open water students, and done many discover scuba diving courses.
I think it’s important to note both the positives and the negatives. As I continue to teach I feel more confident with both my techniques in teaching and my personal dive skills (however I seem to be getting lazy with my air consumption). I’m finding each course is getting easier to deliver and my students seem to be learning more efficently.
The only part I need to get use to is when people dont share the same passion I do. For me it doesn’t matter what the visibility is, or if there are any fish to see. I just want to breathe compressed air under water, allow my mind to turn off, and be neutrally buoyant suspended in the water. I’m really starting to enjoy working as an instructor, and am looking forward to what adventures lay ahead of me. For now I’ll leave you with some photos of me and some of my students over the last 2 weeks.
Pura Vida