Wow sorry for the delay everyone on the results of the IE… I came down with a nasty illness and needed to focus on my health.. The good news…. I passed the IE with flying colours. So lets talk about it here.

Day 1 we drove nearly 5 hours to Playas del Coco and then wrote the exams, which you already know I had passed. Ashley and I spent the evening preparing all of our skills and presentations for
then next two days.

Day 2 was confined sessions and also knowledge presentations. Made a silly mistake during one of the 5 skills we needed to demonstrate, darn you Ashley and your weird alternative air source!! However, I still passed this portion. Next we were teaching our skill, and after I did mine my fever set in and I was getting very cold in the pool. Georgia pulled me from the pool so I could warm up and recover for the rest of the IE, thank you Georgia. I rested until the knowledge presentations where i scored a 4.6, nothing to be upset about there. Luckily I had prepared the night before for all the days, and was able to take the rest of the night for rest. I was feeling very ill, and nervous I wouldn’t be able to finish the IE the next day.

Day 3 I woke up still feeling a little ill but after getting my fever under control I was feeling loads better. Nothing else was really bothering me other than a high fever, some body aches, and a headache. So off the the Ocean we went for the last day, Rescue demonstrations and Open water presentations. I absolutely killed the OW presentations, scoring a 5 and a 4.8, and obviously passed the rescue demonstration.

I remember feeling so relieved and excited, I hadn’t been this nervous about an exam in years. So after considering dropping out when we first started.. Georgia was not able to help provide me with the knowledge and skills I needed, but also the confidence and strength. I can’t say enough how much of a pleasure training under Georgia was. I feel so lucky that I found her program, and that I was able to attend. After my previous training, and also the IDC programs I’ve seen other places, I really believe that Georgia’s programs, is one of the best. Also, I loved that I had a chance to learn a little bit of Spanish thanks to the two Ticos in our programs.

I’d like to throw out a few thank yous, and if I miss anyone I’m very sorry, it’s not my intention, just my forgetful nature.

*Alvaro Diving and the instructors who helped me fall in love with diving, and made me want to continue.
*Oceans Unlimited for providing the space, time, and equipment for training.
*Bob @ Oceans for all his support and motivational talks.
*All the interns, DMTS, staff, and support people here at Oceans Unlimited for your constant support and help during the IDC (even putting up with my grumpy moods from time to time!)
*Ashley, Moises, and Fernando my fellow IDC buddies for working as a team and making it through the program.
*Georgia King for sharing all your knowledge, for your support and guidance.
*My Family for their support and taking care of my cats while I’m away.
*My friends for their love and support, especially during my anxious times.
*My cats for being amazing.
*My hula hoop for keeping me calm..

So it’s official… I’m a Scuba Instructor (PADI)

Thank you to all!

Love Fruitloop <3 idc - fernando

idc - moises

idc - vanessa