We have arrived in playa del coco after 4 hours in the car. Thankfully Georgia was able to take us so the trip was quick and easy.

So first we get an orientation and get given our assignment sheets, I want to thank all of my people for sending me positive energies as I feel very confident in my assignments.
Next the theory and standards exams… The pressure is on, you can only fail one part of the theory and you must pass the standards. As the evaluator comes out with my results my heart is pounding… Please let me pass.. AND I DID!! Now my stress level has dropped exponentially. Two more days and that’s it… Instructor Vanessa(fruit loop)..

The only negative is I’ve come down will an illness. I have a fever and cannot regulate my body temperature.. Took some aspirin which I don’t love but needed.

In bed now after preparing for tomorrow. Good luck to all. Enjoy this photo of my new furry friend.