The IDC program takes two weeks. Easy right? WRONG! It’s a very intense and informative program and you must be on your toes. Yesterday after returning to the shop from the second round of open water presentations, I wished I had a magic carpet or a teleporting machine. I was exhausted. I nearly crawled home, fell asleep in the 30 minutes between my shower and dinner.. Following dinner I rolled back into bed where I fell back asleep within minutes. Don’t take this the wrong way, in not complaining, I actually appreciate that I’m tired, I’m using my mind and body to create a life for myself that I dream about. This is fulfilling my goal.

Now, I have a few days to buckle down and learn knots, I’m not sure why this is a struggle for me but it is. Sorry to my IDC candidate that needed to teach me knots, I promise to practice at home and finally get these. Thank you to everyone including JT for not making me feel silly and helping me.

Today and tomorrow we are doing the EFR instructor classes. I’m told these days are slightly more relaxed, however I can’t imagine anything to do with first aid to be too relaxing.

By next Sunday the four of us should return from cocos with our instructor certifications. Good luck to all, we got this!!